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#1 Affordable Tree Felling in Pretoria

Whenever the time comes that you need tree felling in Pretoria, whether the tree is in a commercial property or in your garden, we can assist in ensuring that the job is done swiftly and safely. #1 Tree Felling in Pretoria - From North to East of the City.

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Tree felling might not be a science but it certainly requires plenty of technical know-how as well as more than a handful of experience in order for it to be safely done. An expert team like ours quickly carries out the job while we are perfectly capable of dealing with all kinds of issues before they become a real problem.

When you hire our experienced tree felling in Pretoria, you are hiring professionals, which is much better than trying to do it all on your own. Not only do we bring the tree down, but we are also capable of neatly trimming branches, removing the debris and giving the area a clean-up when the project is complete.

This tree felling service is ideal for residential properties and we can also navigate the often tighter, smaller spaces of commercial properties. Each project is planned according to the customer’s unique needs, and we treat every property as our own.

We also offer professional plumbing services and rubble removal in Pretoria East . Contact us to remove any unwanted waste from your residents, construction site or any commercial area.

Our approach to tree felling in Pretoria minimises damage, and because we are quick problem solvers, should things not go according to plan, we know exactly what to do.

There is no project too big or too small for Ant Projects. We assist in any way that we can. With our experience, we can provide exceptional advice and create a tree felling approach that is effective and will be quickly completed within the given timeframe.

Why Work With Us? #1 Tree Felling in Pretoria

There are many reasons why you should always rather work with professionals. Although the do it yourself approach might seem appealing, and sure you might save on costs, there are far more risks involved. Hiring a company like ours to take down your trees is beneficial because:

  • We have all the necessary skills

From start to finish, we have the skills to guarantee that the project is completed as it should be. We start out with a consultation to decide how the project should be approached and once the actual project is complete, we ensure that the area is cleared and looks exactly as it did before. Our knowledge is also all-encompassing and includes many tree-related things including tree health, and how to identify tree weaknesses.

  • We are professionals

We deliver what we promise. With our skills and our experience, we can efficiently remove trees or trim branches. We work quickly to get the job done and we don’t take chances.

  • We work throughout Pretoria

Our tree felling in Pretoria is available to suburbs throughout the city and we are capable of working in all kinds of setups, without causing damage to structures.

At Ant Projects, we strive to always provide our clients we an affordable tree felling in Pretoria and we easily meet our client’s expectations. For more information about this service, to book a consultation or to get a quotation, contact us.

The team at Ant Projects not only has the know-how when it comes to quickly and safely completing the project, but we also know exactly how to take care of an otherwise dangerous situation. Should accidents happen or something unexpected crop up, we can deal with it correctly to prevent costly damage or injury. When hiring our tree felling in Pretoria, you can expect nothing but the best service, at affordable prices.

Ant Projects offer affordable tree cutting in Pretoria. Contact us for assessment and best prices on tree felling in Pretoria.

Tree felling is not a hobby or a side job, instead, it is a serious profession.

This is how we make a success of each tree we fell:

We plan. Not only do we assess the tree to determine the work needed doing, but we also have to select the best equipment. By using a chainsaw and other forestry equipment, the post-cut clean-up is fairly straight forward. We also consider overhead cables or structures.

We calculate the direction of the tree felling. We take a careful look at the tree and we take a close look at how the branches grow. By doing this, we can avoid damage to property and greatly reduce the possibility of injuries.

We prune. Before tackling the trunk, we take off the smaller branches that can fall or otherwise disrupt the felling process.

We determine the right cutting technique. Each tree is different, and it is important to make sure that the technique is suitable. The size of the tree will also determine the chainsaw to be used. We check for diseases. Swollen, discolored or soft parts on the tree can all point to disease. Diseased trees are decaying and can be dangerous to cut down if they are not cut properly.

Along with having the right skills and the intellect, tree fellers also know the various laws surrounding this profession. Sometimes, cutting down a tree needs to be signed off by the local council, and even trimming branches could lead to penalties when you don’t have permission.

The short answer is yes – by law a neighbor has the right to trim any branches/limbs that extend past the property line. However, the law states that only the trimming and cutting of trees up to the property line is allowed. Do note that you are by law not allowed to go onto a neighbor’s property to cut or trim or destroy a tree.

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