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#1 Gate Motor Repairs in Pretoria

Ant Projects specialize in all types of gate motor repairs, we pride ourselves on accountable and honest gate motor repair service.

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What Type Of Gate Motor Repairs Do We Focus On?

Our gate motor repair services include most of the typical gate motors on the automation market, brands such as NICE HANSA, CENTURION, and ET gate motors fall within our gate motor repair services. We also provide our clients with some extra services such as refurbishing gate motors, upgrading and the supply and setting of remote controls. We work with all the different designs within the gate motor industry such as swing and sliding gates.

New Installations of Gates, Gate Motors, Repairs & Maintenance of Gates, Gate Motors, Upgrading of existing gate motors. Besides gate motor repairs in Pretoria, we also offer handyman services and TLB hire in Pretoria.

Trusted Gate Motor Repair Services Pretoria

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a motorised gate, either at your home or at your business property, you already know that not only do they make life easier but they also go a long way towards improving safety measures. You probably also know that sometimes these motors break and need to be repaired. And when that happens, Ant Projects has your back.

We have been operating in and around the Gauteng Province for many years and we’ve made a name for ourselves by providing a wide range of exceptional services including gate motor repairs. This particular service covers all of the most popular brands such as Nice Hansa, ET and Centurion. Our team has all of the experience and the skills necessary to ensure that the gate motor repairs needed at your Pretoria property are carried out quickly and efficiently. We also offer additional related services such as refurbishments, replacements and setting up remote controls for these access systems.

We’ve made this particular service available to both household properties and commercial properties and we are perfectly capable of working with both swing gates as well as sliding gates. Over the years that we’ve been repairing gate motors in the Pretoria area, we have come across all types of problems related to motors which have prepared us for all sorts of challenges.

Our Approach 

We follow a certain approach to all of our projects, regardless of the service that our clients require. Our approach is our key to success and we use this same approach to take care of various gate motor repairs. 

We listen. While the gate motor repair is quite a straight forward project that doesn’t mean that we assume what our client’s needs are without first listening to them. Our team will take the time to find out what needs fixing and anything else that might be useful during the project. By doing this, we can ensure that the gate is correctly repaired. 

We inspect. Generally, a gate motor repair is an emergency. This is why we offer our clients 24/7 assistance, giving them peace of mind knowing they won’t be locked in or out of their properties. We inspect the motor and take the time to evaluate the situation before we jump into the repairs. With this evaluation, we can also determine whether or not it is time to upgrade the motor. 

We plan. Again, although the repair is a fairly small undertaking, we will still do a little planning. By doing this, we can make sure that we bring the right tools for the work that needs doing. 

We seamlessly execute the plan. Once we know what needs doing, and have the tools we need, we will arrive ready to do the necessary repairs. And should the unexpected happen, and a problem crop up, we have the skills to handle it without delaying the project. 

Why should you work Ant Projects?

Ant Projects is the foremost provider of a wide variety of hands on services that range from gate motor repairs in Pretoria to handyman services, plumbing and more. Our team has a catalogue of experience and with that, we have all kinds of skills that we can put to good use on your project. We also work quickly and according to the highest standards. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose to work with us: 

·        We are all about the finer details 

When working on any project, we minimise the risk of human error. Over the years of working in the industry, we understand that even the smallest mistake can result in more damage or issues further down the line. While we plan, we determine where an issue might turn into a time consuming problem, and then we deal with it before it becomes a reality. 

·        We solve all kinds of problems 

Regardless of the amount of planning that is put into a project, the unexpected can happen and things can go wrong. Our experience allows us to handle just about all of the problems and we can quite confidently say that we have just about seen it all. 

·        We value communication 

Communication and reliability go hand in hand in our industry. A lack of communication can lead to uncertainty and a lack of trust between our team and our clients. We keep our clients up to date about when we plan to arrive at the site, how long a project might take, and the prices involved. We do exactly what was discussed and we don’t add extra costs without first having a chat with our clients. 

Struggling with a faulty gate motor is a real security risk that you cannot afford. Get in touch with Ant Projects today for affordable gate motor repairs in Pretoria.

Ant Projects has been assisting with residential and commercial gate motor set up in the Pretoria area for many years. Speak to us for professional assistance.

The batteries of a gate motor can last up to 3 years, but it does depend on factors such as how well the motor is looked after.

You can press and then release the “smart” button on the garage door opener motor unit. Wait for 30 seconds and press and hold the button on the hand-held remote. Release the button as soon as the motor unit light blinks.


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