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We pride ourselves on being the go to company when it comes to professional drywalling. We surpass our client’s expectations and deliver a quick, high-quality service.

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Professional, long lasting drywalling in Midrand 

Drywalling is one of the more modern features used in both new construction projects as well as renovations throughout the Midrand area. Versatile, rather easy to install, and with a long lifespan requiring minimal maintenance, this walling has many shining features. And our professional team has the expertise to get it all set up. 

Besides drywalling in Midrand, Ant Projects offers various other services in and around the area. If you’re looking for the best plumbers, are in need of gate motor repairs or tree felling services, get in touch with us.

Our team has years of experience backing them up and this allows them to professionally install drywalling of all sizes in a variety of properties. Drywalling is primarily used indoors, and generally separates spaces, essentially creating a whole new area or room. Also known as wallboard, plasterboard, buster board or gypsum board, it can be manufactured with or without additives. The main component of the wall is calcium sulphate dehydrate otherwise known as gypsum.

The walling has two uses. Firstly, it is used as an actual wall. Instead of the often time consuming and pricey option of building a brick wall, not to mention the huge amounts of planning needed if you were to go this route, drywalling is relatively inexpensive and can be set up in most buildings. Secondly, the wall has become a popular modern alternative to the more traditional wall plaster. It can be used during the construction phase to cover the wall in a protective layer, which can then be decorated, or it can be used to replace existing plaster which has been damaged or is beginning to show some wear and tear. The walling has a long lifespan and requires minimal maintenance, both when used as a wall and as plaster. 

Although most drywalling has a fairly basic function, there are other options available. Drywalling made to protect against moisture or designed to be fire resistant are growing in popularity.

It is also quite flexible and is easily installed in two phases. The entire process can be a little strenuous even though it is rather uncomplicated. When the walling is put up, the seams where the panels come together are neatly sealed and hidden away making it easy to paint.

At Ant Projects, we’ve been installing drywalling for many years. During this time we have worked on a wide variety of projects, in all types of setups, and spent our time perfecting our skills. From assisting homeowners to working on construction sites, we bring creativity and expertise to each new project.

Our Approach 

When undertaking a drywalling project, we understand that great planning and keen attention to the finer details are the only ways to ensure that a project is not only durable but that it also looks neat. Our approach to the task at hand ensures our success. 

We listen. To everything our clients have to say about the project that is. From their concerns to their expectations, we make sure that we know exactly what our clients want.

We inspect. Evaluating the project from every angle by thoroughly inspecting each site allows us to determine exactly what it is that we’ll need to do to complete the job within the expected timeframe. 

We plan. When we have a complete understanding of what is expected and we’ve taken the time to fully evaluate the site, we start our planning. During this time we’ll determine which tools to bring and how many team members we’ll need.

We execute our plan. On the day the project begins, we put our plan into action and should any issues come up, our experience will enable us to quickly resolve them. 

Why should you work with us?

We are not the only company offering drywalling, but we are one of the best out there. While going the DIY route is not unheard of, it can be an effort that you might prefer to avoid. Calling in the professionals means you save time and money, and the chance of accidents or mistakes happening is greatly reduced. If you want the best result, it’s better to call in the experts.

Here are just a handful of reasons why you should work with us:

–       We work fast and faultlessly 

A project completed effectively, and quickly, is without a doubt one of our main goals. Our skills and experience allows us to get the walls up and in place without a moments delay. And as we’ve mentioned, if a problem should arise, we can take care of it.

–       We have all the tools  

Tools are just as important as skills and experience and we make sure that we arrive on-site with everything we need. Our tools not only ensure a completed project, but they also help us to neatly finish it off.

–       We have the experience   

When it comes to installing drywalling, experience is key. Drywalling is heavy and one slipup could result in broken panels and workplace accidents. With our extensive experience, we know exactly how to provide the best possible service and the best possible outcome. 

To sum it all up, our drywalling in Midrand is both affordable and professional. For a custom quotation or to discuss your exact requirements, you can get in touch with our team.

Whether you are renovating your property or looking for a professional team to install drywalling in your latest property development, Ant Projects is more than capable of assisting you with professional drywalling in Johannesburg

While the main use of the drywall is to become an actual wall within a property, it does have another most welcome feature. In recent years, drywalling has taken over as an alternative to traditional plaster

Ant Projects in Johannesburg offer affordable prices on drywalling

Open the windows and make sure that the ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems are switched off.

Block all the air vents with plastic sheeting

Sweep the drywall dust into a pile with a broom

Now you can put a fan in the window and point it towards the outside

Wait for another 15 minutes and vacuum the floor.


Wet a cloth with water and then squeeze it until almost dry.

Start at the top and wipe down all of the drywall.

Drywall must be dust-free before you start painting, because dust forms a thin film that cause paint to flake from the surface.

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