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#1 Affordable TLB Hire in Pretoria

Rather hire your TLB when you need it! Ant Projects offers this helpful, money saving service to clients based in Pretoria and the rest of Gauteng.

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The easiest way to save money when working in the construction industry, or should you need plant equipment on a once off basis, is to hire it from a reputable company. Ant Projects specialises in all kinds of services including TLB hire in Pretoria.

We also offer TLB hire in Centurion. TLB, otherwise known as the tractor loader backhoe, is a nifty piece of plant equipment that has many uses. Although you might think that their only place is on a construction site, TLBs can be used in farm road construction and to dig ditches and farrows on farms as well. They are also perfect for smaller companies who simply don’t have the budget to buy their own TLB.

Ant Projects supplies one of the most all-encompassing list of services, covering everything from carpet cleaning to handyman services and plumbing. Our TLB hire in Pretoria is another affordable service we offer and this service is available for all kinds of clients, both large construction companies and smaller, private people. We seek to find out exactly what it is that our clients need and then provide a service that matches any unique specifications or requirements. We also determine our client’s expectations to ensure that they are happy with the outcome of this service.

We can arrange for the TLB to be delivered on a specific date or clients can arrange their own delivery methods. We provide this service as quickly as possible so that you can get on with your project without delays.

Why should you use our TLB Hire in Pretoria?

Clients who choose us for their TLB hire can look forward to a number of benefits. Our team of professionals are always ready to help with great advice on how to get the most out of your TLB hire. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose us when hiring TLB machines:

  • We’re strict about quality

We guarantee that the machines we hire out are of a certain standard which means we are constantly looking at the quality of the machines and how they can be improved. This means that our machines are well-maintained and correctly serviced. This also means that your machine will be safe to use.

  • We provide assistance

Whenever we can, and in whatever way we can, we offer our clients assistance. We want all of our clients to enjoy a successful experience when working with our TLBs, so we go above and beyond to help our clients with advice or anything else TLB related.

  • We have the experience

In order to provide you with the most reliable machine, we use our years of experience to ensure that we supply our clients with the best service.

  • We provide the latest machines

This is without a doubt the biggest benefit of hiring plant machinery. When you buy your own machine, you end up with just that make and model until you buy something newer. When you hire your TLB you have the benefit of always having access to the most up to date machines.

For more information about our plant hire machinery, and our TLBs in particular, get in contact with our expert team.

TLBs, or tractor loader backhoe as they are otherwise known, are part of the plant equipment family commonly used during the beginning phase of construction projects, including road works. TLBs are also quite popular on farms and they can be used to dig drainage ditches or to even assist with ploughing. In essence, having a TLB on site can save time and money as they are without a doubt far more effective than digging by hand! Most companies who choose to hire TLB are those who either won’t need a machine of this kind on a regular basis, or they are the type of company that is working on a tighter budget such as a start-up.

It stands for Tractor-Loader-Backhoe

The name stems from the motion of the digging bucket. Instead of pushing material forward, a backhoe bucket scoops the load/earth backwards.

Backhoes are a lot smaller than excavators. It is a standard tractor that supports an arm that consists of two segments, the boom and the dipper

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