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We pride ourselves on being the go to company when it comes to expert drywalling. We surpass our client’s expectations and deliver a quick, high-quality service.

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Professional Drywalling in Pretoria

Whether you are renovating your property or looking for a professional team to install drywalling in your latest property development, Ant Projects is more than capable of assisting you with professional drywalling in Pretoria. We have more than 10 years of experience in the construction industry and we’ve completed countless drywalling projects. Our expert team has a wide skill set. Not only are we the best electricians in Pretoria, we are also renowned plumbers in Pretoria East.

Over the years of working in our industry, we’ve worked on all sorts of spaces and we have installed drywalling of all shapes and sizes. Drywalling is a common feature in modern construction and it has been referred to by other names including gypsum, plasterboard, buster board, and wallboard, although regardless of what they are called, they are all made out of the same stuff: calcium sulphate dehydrate (gypsum). The walling is mostly used indoors, as certain types can be damaged by water. The walling can also be added as a layer onto existing walls.

While the main use of the drywall is to become an actual wall within a property, it does have another most welcome feature. In recent years, drywalling has taken over as an alternative to traditional plaster. Over time, wall plaster can either become flaky or it can crack and allow moisture into places it shouldn’t get in. Drywalling as plaster guarantees a longer lifespan and it can be very easy to maintain.

Drywalling is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and over the years numerous speciality versions have been created. Fire-resistant drywalling, as well as the type that is resistant to moisture, has grown in popularity. Drywalls are set up in two steps and the entire process is very straightforward although it can require a little manpower as the boards can be heavy. Once the panels are up, the seams need to be hidden, which is the final part of the process.

Ant Projects is dedicated to offering clients the best possible service which is why we offer this particular one to our clients based throughout Pretoria. Over the years we have worked on projects of all kinds and used our skills to give our clients a completed project. We are versatile, professional and creative in our approach and we never leave a project without meeting client expectations.

Our Approach 

The success of each project comes down to the approach that we have adopted. When it comes to drywalling, we know how bad it can look when done wrong, this is why we are dedicated to ensuring that it is done right the first time. 

We listen to our clients. Each client is different and each will have different needs of concerns which need to be addressed. We take the time to listen to our clients to ensure that the project is successfully completed. 

We inspect the site. By taking the time to inspect the project from every possible angle, we gain helpful insight into the project and we can determine just how long it will take to get the drywall installed. 

We plan. When we’ve spoken to our clients and had a look at all the angles, we then get into the planning process. During this phase, we will decide which tools will be necessary as well as which team to bring out. 

We get started. We jump into each project and we make sure that we execute the plan in such a way that it is completed according to both the client’s standards as well as our own. 

Why should you work with us?

There are several reasons why working with our professional team is a better option. Drywall installations can be a precise process and when done wrong the walling can look less than perfect not to mention quite unstable. There is also the option of taking the DIY route which while tempting, can end up costing more time and money than initially expected.

This is why you should work with us:

–       We fast and effectively  

We always aim to complete a project as quickly as we possibly can, and we make sure that the work we do is effective. Quality is important to us and with our skills and experience, we are more than able to get the job done.

–       We use the right tools  

Having the right tools on site not only guarantees a quick project but they will also ensure that no time is wasted. We arrive at the site with all of the tools we need.

–       We have the experience 

Experience will always be the key to success and we have been in this industry for such a long time that we’ve just about seen it all. We give clients the best possible service and should an unexpected issue arise, we can handle it.

Our drywalling in Pretoria is available to clients of all kinds and you can contact our team today to find out more about what we can offer you.

Ant Projects in Centurion offer affordable prices on dry walling

Open the windows and make sure that the ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems are switched off.

Block all the air vents with plastic sheeting

Sweep the drywall dust into a pile with a broom

Now you can put a fan in the window and point it towards the outside

Wait for another 15 minutes and vacuum the floor.

Wet a cloth with water and then squeeze it until almost dry.

Start at the top and wipe down all of the drywall.

Drywall must be dust-free before you start painting, because dust forms a thin film that cause paint to flake from the surface.


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