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Professional Carpet Cleaners in Midrand

Is your carpet in dire need of professional cleaning services to get out the tough stains? Our carpet cleaners in Midrand specialise in providing exceptional cleaning for carpets of all kinds.

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A deep cleaning service like no other, treating your carpets to expert cleaning will not only remove the stains but it will restore your carpets in such a way that they will once again have their vibrant colours. This service is designed to save you time and money, and we offer it to clients in Midrand. 

Large scale carpet cleaning in Midrand, something quite common in the bigger industries, involves quite a bit of work and the use of the right equipment. The task of carrying the job out quickly and safely, without damaging the carpet or anything else in the space, can be an immense task, depending on the size of the project. Working with a professional team is the best way to guarantee the best outcome. We also offer carpet cleaning in Johannesburg and other areas.

Ant Projects has the team with the expertise, the experience and the equipment. We know how to get the job done properly and within a reasonable amount of time, leaving the carpets looking good as new. Our deep carpet cleaning service is ideal for heavy industries which are either home to heavy machinery or which sees a lot of feet. We work in both big and small settings, offering the same highly-effective service to everyone we work with. We aim to ensure that our services are always transparent and that our clients always know what’s happening. We keep the communication channels open so that you stay in the loop about the important stuff such as when we will arrive, how long the project should take and whether or not we’ll need to be under your feet.

This service is not just for businesses in big industries, it is also perfect for smaller businesses (that don’t get the time to properly clean their carpets) and for home owners looking to give their carpets a proper spring cleaning. We try to avoid disrupting our client’s day to day affairs, by working as quickly as possible and by using cleaning equipment and products that will dry fast. With this aim in mind, we try to source the very best cleaning products, the kind that is safe to use on carpets of all kinds and safe for the environment.

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

As with most things, you could probably tackle carpet cleaning yourself. But the question you need to ask is whether you have the time, the resources and the energy. Those who choose to book professional carpet cleaning will find that there are quite a few great benefits to enjoy:

1.       Carpet life will be extended. Dust, dirt and other debris, tend to build up in a carpet over time. If it is not properly removed it will lead to the fibres breaking and in the long run, the carpet will be damaged.

2.       It improves the health of the environment. The environment of the space it’s in of course. Professional cleaning will get rid of germs and bacteria and essentially sanitise the carpet.

3.       Remove the traffic effect. When walked on enough, or when heavy objects are placed on it over a long period of time, a carpet gets what’s referred to as a traffic lane effect, which is basically track marks.

4.       It will instantly improve the look of the room. Once the room has been given a professional clean, you will be amazed at how the overall appearance is just about instantly given a makeover.  

Why use Ant Projects for your cleaning?

With our years of experience from all of the cleaning jobs we’ve done in the past, we’ve become a popular carpet cleaning company in the Midrand area. We always deliver a quick and effective service. When you choose us for your intensive carpet cleaning, you will benefit in the following ways:

        We stick to the schedule

We understand that time is money for our clients and when carpet cleaning takes you out of the office or factory for a number of hours, business is set back. With this in mind, we aim to work quickly and we don’t arrive later than we say we will.

        We have the equipment

A large part of the cleaning process has to do with the equipment. We have all of the tools necessary for carrying out an effective job and completing it on time. Our equipment is gentle on fabrics and tough on stains.

        We have the experience

Our extensive experience as well as our commitment to keeping up to date with all of the industry’s latest tips and techniques enables us to bring the very best skills to every job.

We are an upfront and honest company, and always let our clients know about the exact costs involved.

For more information about carpet cleaning in Midrand, as well as the other services that we have on offer, you can contact Ant Projects. We’ll happily send you an obligation free quote.



Carpet cleaning in Midrand, no matter the size of your home or office, or the size of your carpet, is a superb service for anyone wanting to save time and money. Ant Projects specializes in a wide variety of hands on improvement and cleaning services and we offer these to clients of all kinds throughout Gauteng.

Ant Projects is always honest and upfront with what we can do for our clients and the prices that will be involved.

Carpet cleaning, especially if you are looking at industrial cleaning, involves plenty of thought as well as the necessity of having the right equipment to ensure that the work is correctly done, with all stains and other day to day dirt efficiently removed. When you are looking at a deep cleaning job, it is important to rather leave it to the professionals. Ant Projects has a team of the best carpet cleaners in Midrand

First you have to remove any dust, hair and particles from the carpet with deep vacuuming. Make a paste mix of  ¼ cups of salt, ¼ cups vinegar and ¼  cups borax. Apply this to the stains and allow it to dry for several hours. When it has dried completely, vacuum it away.

For synthetic carpets you can choose between these 3 solutions:

Vinegar solution –  One cup of white vinegar mixed with two cups of water

Detergent – Mix ¼ teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent into one cup of lukewarm water.

Solvent solution – You can use an oil solvent for best results.

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