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Regardless of whether you need to remove rubble from a residential home, a commercial property or a construction site, you can rely on our trusty rubble removal service. #1 Rubble,garden and building removal service in Pretoria - East to North

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While you have the option of doing it yourself or calling on the services of your local municipality, both of which are affordable options, you could well end up wasting time and feeling very frustrated. Choosing our rubble removal in Pretoria service will ease your mind as we are a hands-on team perfectly capable of quickly getting the rubble out of your way.

Every kind of construction project should have a rubble removal team ready to assist. Depending on the type of rubble that needs shifting, and depending on where your project is located, we have a service that is capable of helping you. We also have the best plumbers in Pretoria on our team and offer great tree felling in Pretoria as well as. Contact us today for the best individual tree chopping service near you.

We aim to make sure that the service we provide is both friendly and professional and as with all of our services, we try to complete the process as quickly as possible.

We generally work with a standard 2 man team, however, for bigger projects, we provide bigger teams. We arrive with a big truck, capable of holding plenty of rubble, no matter what it is. Our exceptional rubble removal service in Pretoria is divided as follows:

  • Residential Rubble Removal (Perfect for residential homes and for moving household items)
  • Construction Rubble Removal (Ideal for all kinds of construction sites. Our specialist team can safely handle various kinds of construction rubble)
  • Commercial Rubble Removal (Made for businesses)

Why choose our rubble removal services in Pretoria?

Each of our removal crews knows precisely how to quickly remove rubble without compromising safety. We provide our rubble removal in Pretoria to all suburbs and major commercial areas. We provide a service that ensures that our customers are always satisfied, making us the ideal company to work with, because:

  • We work according to deadlines

By working quickly and getting the job completed as fast as possible, we always stick to deadlines. When you’ve organised our team, we arrive when we say we will and we work to ensure that each project is completed within the agreed upon timeframe.   

  • We have all of the experience

After many years of experience in removing rubble of all kinds, along with the experience of working in both residential areas as well as construction sites, we have all of the necessary know-how. Ours is an all-encompassing service.   

  • We communicate effectively

Open communication helps us build trust which in turn guarantees that everyone involved in the process knows what is happening. Our service includes open and honest communication. 

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