Reasons For Using Drywalling

Many reasons we may need to install drywall partition wall instead of a conventional block wall or brick wall with plastering finishes:

  • Addition and alteration of existing wall on the complete building.
  • Need lightweight wall partition that provides equally fire rated and sound insulation like a block wall.
  • New fast and clean wall construction.
  • Need the wall partition that is able to open for glazing, form a feature wall etc.
  • Temporary wall that fixed for function, exhibition and for short period.

The drywall partition are widely used for all kind of construction and building, be it house, office, warehouse, shop, retail unit, restaurant and event function and thanks for the light and clean construction method.

Drywall Partition can be form to a wall, ceiling, floor, feature and even a box up. The thickness of the drywall partition can be range from 75 mm to 200 mm thk depend on the fire rating requirement, waterproofing requirement and acoustic feature required.

The drywall partition is normally constructed with aluminium C-channel to form the frame and fixed with the board. In cases when the wall is high and required strengthening, hollow section will be used to reinforced the wall on top with the system.