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Do you have a never-ending list of home maintenance tasks that you never seem to get to? Well, we’re here to help you check all those things off your list so you can focus on the important things!

From fixing things that have broken to updating your wall color or just needing a hand with that birds-nest of wires behind your T.V., we’re here to help, quickly, professionally, and affordably.

Ant Projects is an experienced handyman company in Cape Town. With competitive rates and an accountable service delivery model, Ant Projects provide services in Cape Town, through a collaboration with multiple skilled and experienced handyman teams in Cape Town.

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Ant projects work on a single-point contact model ensuring the quality and accountability of all our turnkey handyman services in Cape Town.

Ant projects is a proven supplier of handyman services, with experienced technicians to guide you through the service delivery process. We believe that each client that engages with Ant projects is a partner for the duration of the services that we provide and that our aim is to add value in this process, by solving all our clients’ handyman needs in Cape Town.


What do I need a handyman for?

Sometimes life happens and things break and you just need help to get things back in running order as quickly as possible – that’s where we step in, you tell us the problem ( send us pictures if you need) and we’ll send a quote and be there to fix it in no time. Our teams have years of experience dealing with a wide variety of repairs and maintenance so chances are they’ll have seen it all before and know exactly how to help!

On other occasions, you might have the best intentions of fixing something yourself, get halfway in, and realize you’re in over your head! Well don’t stress, our purpose is to think about the details so that you don’t have to! Whether it’s a kitchen renovation that’s only halfway done or bedroom shelves that aren’t as straight as they should be, we can help you fulfill your vision and take that never-ending project off your to-do list!

And if you know yourself and know that you don’t have the technical or practical skills for a task or know it’s going to drag out if you try to do it yourself, we are all about doing things quickly and efficiently. From hanging curtains, cleaning windows, assembling furniture, or installing appliances we can do it all.


Why Should I use a Handyman?

Firstly, depending on the task, it’s probably safer, from electrical fittings, broken windows, and burst geysers, we have the technical knowledge to deal with these systems safely. Secondly, it can save you time, not only because we have years of experience in doing these repairs efficiently, but we’ll also do it right the first time! Thirdly we can give you valuable advice on how to maintain any repairs done.


What handyman services do we provide?

We provide a variety of services to both homeowners and businesses in and around Cape Town including once-off repairs and services as well as maintenance. We also know that our wonderful country has thrown new challenges at us ( ahem Eskom) forcing us to deal with things like UPS’s and Inverters. We can’t fix Eskom, but we can help keep the lights on and the wifi running by helping you install your UPS/Inverter or rechargeable bulbs. If you want to go a step further to being off the grid, we can even help install solar panels – which, in Cape Town, can even result in making money!  Our areas of expertise include:


  • Geyser repair
  • Leaky faucets
  • Leaking toilets
  • Broken toilet seats
  • Sanware replacements ( all bathroom fittings)
  • Water and waste connections for dishwasher and washing machines
  • Sink installation


  • Bulb replacement
  • Faulty switches and plug points
  • Downlight installation
  • General and security light installation
  • Backup battery lights
  • Automated gate and garage door installation
  • Access Control


  • Door repairs
  • Lock replacements
  • New door installation
  • Cupboard repairs
  • Shelf installation
  • Window frame repair


  • Repainting of external and internal walls
  • Ceiling repairs and repainting
  • Steel preparation and repainting
  • Wallpaper installation or removal


  • Picture hanging
  • Wall patch and repair
  • Tiling work
  • Blind repairs
  • Safety box installation
  • Mold cleaning and removal
  • Curtain and blind installation
  • Gutter cleaning

How is a handyman different from a tradesman?

Tradesmen like electricians and carpenters have their specific field of expertise which makes them great for specialist work especially when a house or office is being built or renovated. In the greater scheme of general house maintenance, you often need a lot of smaller things fixed which demands a much broader range of skills. It would be a nightmare ( and very expensive) to get a variety of tradesmen in all the time. Handymen are specialist generalists and are skilled in a variety of trades therefore they take away that need to deal with multiple tradesmen and contractors – Handymen are a one-stop-shop to fix all those niggling irritations that cause you stress.


But what about compliance?

Are you a homeowner, landlord or do you rent your place out on AirBnB and are worried about compliance? We’ve got you covered, for work where certificates are required, we can provide these by a fully qualified tradesman, be it a plumber or electrician. Certificates of compliance are usually available at a set fee and quoted up front as they are dependent on the scope of work. There is however a multitude of other work that does not require compliance and for these, we still use highly skilled individuals whose training is backed by years of solid experience. Most have worked for hand in hand with qualified superiors to hone their skills so that they can provide the best possible service while remaining as cost-effective as possible.


Why use us?

Our team is not only skilled and experienced professionals with an abundance of knowledge, but they also care about providing the best service they can. They know what it takes to get the job done and done right, but they also know that this is your home and aim to respect your space and time by being reliable and professional.

At the end of the day our mission is you make your life easier, fix something that’s broken, improve something that’s causing irritation, and save you any stress and hassle so please send us a message with anything you need to be done – there will be an actual human on the other side ready to assist in any way possible

No project is too small or too big for Ant projects, please contact us for a free quote.

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