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#1 Affordable TLB Hire in Midrand

Rather hire your TLB when you need it! Ant Projects offers this helpful, money saving service to clients based in Midrand and the rest of Gauteng.

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Plant equipment, such as the highly efficient TLB, is one of the most important pieces of machinery you could possibly have on your construction site. While buying such a machine can be quite costly, TLB hire in Midrand is the ideal service for anyone who is looking to save on costs.

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A TLB, otherwise known as a tractor loader backhoe, is one of the most commonly seen machines on both big and small construction sites. The machine easily handles digging and lifting, features which make them ideal for farming and road construction, as well as being helpful additions to building sites. On farms, the TLB can be perfect for ploughing or digging stable drainage.

Hiring a TLB is often considered the best route as this option helps to cut down costs in a number of different ways. Firstly, there is the initial investment costs that you won’t have to worry about finding capital for, and then there is the costs involved with keeping the machine well maintained. If you are not going to need the TLB on an ongoing basis, it might be best to hire it. This will free up your budget and you won’t have to justify paying for a machine you won’t get a lot of use out of. Hiring TLB in Midrand is a popular option for both start-ups and established companies, and Ant Projects has a range of machines that you can greatly benefit from.

When you choose to hire a TLB machine, you are guaranteed to have access to the most up to date machine with all of the latest features. The TLBs from a couple of years back might not be on the same page as the more modern equipment, considering just how fast the industry develops. When buying a TLB, your investment might become outdated with time, but when you hire, you will never have to worry about this happening.

Over the years, the team at Ant Projects has accumulated the skills and experience to offer clients looking for a TLB an informative service and an affordable price. We try to accommodate all of our potential clients, by offering them a versatile service that complements the project they are working on. Our TLB hire service is ideal for both large and small construction companies and can be used on projects of all sizes. We go above and beyond to understand what it is that our client needs before we arrange for a machine to be delivered or collected, which goes a long way towards ensuring that you receive the right machine for the job.

As mentioned, we are happy to arrange for delivery or collection, making your project planning that little bit easier. We always aim for our clients to receive the TLB as soon as possible so that no project time is wasted. This means you can enjoy almost instant access to a machine and not have to worry about paying out on massive hiring expenses. And by knowing exactly when to expect a machine on site, project management will be a breeze.

Why should you use our TLB Hire service in Midrand?

When working with our team and investing some of your project budget into our TLB hire, you will benefit in many ways. Our team is ready to assist you in any way and we go above and beyond to make sure that you have all of the information you might need in order to guarantee that your project is successfully completed on time. Some of the reasons why you should work with us include:

  • Our high-quality service and our dedication to providing the best TLBs

A helpful and informative service is what our clients can expect when working with us. We provide the best machines possible and we guarantee that each machine we hire out has been well-maintained and given a full service before it arrives at the site. Our regular servicing ensures that you don’t have to worry about an unexpected breakdown. Our team can also give your team the best advice which they can use when using the TLB.

  • Helpful assistance when it’s needed

Should you have an issue or be unsure of your TLB hire, someone from our team can give you expert assistance. Our advice can be used to get optimal use when operating the machine.

  • Our team has years of experience

Years of accumulated experience goes a long way towards strengthening our skill base. Our experience can improve on the service we offer and will come in handy should a more complicated issue arise. 

  • A properly maintained fleet

We only provide our clients with the latest machinery and we aim to keep our rates as affordable as possible. Our machines are up to scratch in terms of industry and safety standards and each machine is regularly maintained.

Hire your TLB in Midrand by getting in touch with Ant Projects. We will get back to you with a custom quotation that suits your project needs.

TLBs, or tractor loader backhoe as they are otherwise known, are part of the plant equipment family commonly used during the beginning phase of construction projects, including road works. TLBs are also quite popular on farms and they can be used to dig drainage ditches or to even assist with ploughing. In essence, having a TLB on site can save time and money as they are without a doubt far more effective than digging by hand! Most companies who choose to hire TLB are those who either won’t need a machine of this kind on a regular basis, or they are the type of company that is working on a tighter budget such as a start-up

It stands for Tractor-Loader-Backhoe

The name stems from the motion of the digging bucket. Instead of pushing material forward, a backhoe bucket scoops the load/earth backwards.

Backhoes are a lot smaller than excavators. It is a standard tractor that supports an arm that consists of two segments, the boom and the dipper



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