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Handyman Centurion- Self leveling floors easy as pie

Handyman Centurion- Self leveling floors easy as pie published on

Applying self levelling floors is one of Ant Projects favorite activities. Floor screeds can be applied in many different finishes.

floor color options

Before we look at how to lay self-levelling cement… What is a self-levelling floor finish ? A self-levelling cement screed is a quick setting concrete compound that is designed to level imperfect floors. You would use a self-levelling floor screed to finish off a concrete floor or screed floor as a base for tiling, vinyl or laminate floors.

How to lay a self-leveling floor

The product sets very quickly and you need to use any mix product immediately.
On a large surface area, have someone mix the next bucket of self-leveling compound so that this can be applied immediately while the first edge is still workable.
Buy sufficient product to cover the area, taking into consideration the a floor is very poor condition will require a thicker layer to level it out.

Handyman Centurion
Handyman Centurion