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#1 Gate Motor Repairs in Johannesburg.

Ant Projects specialize in all types of gate motor repairs, we pride ourselves on accountable and honest gate motor repair service in Johannesburg.

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Fast Gate Motor Repairs in Johannesburg

Having a motorised gate makes life a little easier. The benefits can range from simple convenience to improving safety, and while gate motors are mostly designed to withstand the test of time, there will come a time when your gate motor might require a repair. And this is where Ant Projects can assist you. NICE HANSA, CENTURION, and ET are some of the gate motor brands we work with.  You can rely on us for any need regarding gate motor repairs in Johannesburg. Our services aren’t limited to gate motor repairs.  Ant Projects also offers rubble removal and tree felling in Johannesburg.

Gate Motor Repair Services Johannesburg

We do new installations of gates and gate motors, as well as repairs & maintenance thereof and the upgrading of existing gate motors. 

Established in the busy Gauteng Province, Ant Projects has been at the forefront of various hands on services for many years, and we offer our clients gate motor repairs for a wide range of automation brands including Centurion, ET and Nice Hansa. Our technicians have the necessary experience and skills to handle a range of repairs quickly and efficiently. Our gate repair services also include a few additional services such as upgrading, refurbishing and both supplying and setting up remote controls.

Our services are ideal for both home and business properties and we work with both swing gates and sliding gates. Over the years of assisting clients with gate motor repairs in the Johannesburg area, we have pretty much seen it all. This means that we are fully prepared for just about any challenge.

Our Approach        

The approach we take to all of our projects, whether it be a gate repair job or an intensive plumbing or electrical project, is key to our success. We are more than capable of taking care of all of our client’s gate motor repairs. 

We listen. While gate motor repairs are fairly straight forward, our team will take the time to listen to your exact needs and find out exactly what is wrong with your gate motor so that the repair is thoroughly and correctly taken care of. 

We inspect. Oftentimes motor repair is an emergency. We offer 24/7 assistance to our clients to ensure that they aren’t locked in (or out) of their properties. Our team will evaluate your requirements and then quickly take care of the repairs or help you decide whether or not your motor needs a complete update. 

We plan. Although the repair is quite likely to be a small job, we still take the time to do proper planning. This helps to ensure that we bring the right tools to carry out the repairs.

We execute. Whether it is an emergency or something that can wait a day or two, we arrive ready to carry out the plan and if a problem should come up, we have all of the necessary skills to handle it without losing time. 

Why should you work Ant Projects?

Over the years, we have worked with immense dedication and built our skills through years of experience. We pride ourselves on having all of the qualities you’d expect from a team like ours and we work to complete the job quickly and according to both our standards and those of the fields we work in. Here are the other reasons why you should work with us:

·        We take the finer details seriously 

When repairing a gate motor, we know that there is no room for error. The slightest mistake could either lead to more damage or it could malfunction soon after being repaired. During our planning phase, we work out where there might be a weakness that could lead to further problems during the repair or if there are any issues which might cause the motor to break in a different place in future. This attention to detail helps us save you both your time and your money. 

·        We are problem solvers 

Even the most intensive planning can go wrong when it is put into action, especially when the unexpected happens. Luckily, with our immense experience, we can pretty much take care of any issues by having them sorted before they cause delays or cost money. Over the years, we’ve just about seen it all and that experience comes in handy when things veer off course. 

·        We value communication        

One of the reasons why we are such a reliable team is because we are committed to open communication with our clients. We keep our clients fully informed about what it is that we are planning to do and when we will be arriving on site. We believe that good communication goes a long way towards building trust. We also aim to provide our clients with the most reliable service possible. We stick to our plans, arriving when we say we will and carrying out the work exactly as we said we will. 

For a service that is both quick and efficient, contact Ant Projects. We are the go-to company for gate motor repairs in Johannesburg.



New Installations of Gates, Gate Motors, Repairs & Maintenance of Gates, Gate Motors, Upgrading of existing gate motors.

Our gate motor repair services include most of the typical gate motors on the automation market, brands such as NICE HANSA, JOHANNESBURG, and ET gate motors fall within our gate motor repair services. We also provide our clients with some extra services such as refurbishing gate motors, upgrading and the supply and setting of remote controls. We work with all the different designs within the gate motor industry such as swing and sliding gates.

Ant Projects has been assisting with residential and commercial gate motor set up and repairs in the Johannesburg area for many years. Speak to us for professional assistance. 

The batteries of a gate motor can last up to 3 years, but it does depend on factors such as how well the motor is looked after. Contact Ant Projects for all gate motor repairs in Johannesburg.

You can press and then release the “smart” button on the garage door opener motor unit. Wait for 30 seconds and press and hold the button on the hand-held remote. Release the button as soon as the motor unit light blinks.


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