We Love Fixing Leaky Toilets

Ant Projects believe that being diligent in the smaller things leads a full and happy, peaceful life. Thus we love fixing your leaky toilet.

Eliminate the annoyance and expense of a leaky toilet with help from Ant Projects Plumbers Centurion Service
A leaky toilet can waste hundreds of liters of water per day and hundreds of Rands worth of water per month. The worst part is you may not even realize you have a leaky toilet! While some leaks can be heard or even seen, other so-called “silent leaks” can transfer water from the toilet tank to the bowl without you ever noticing. To check for these kinds of leaks, you’ll need to monitor your water bill carefully and possibly run a dye test in your toilet tank. Or, you can always just call Ant Projects plumbers centurion Service for expert toilet inspection and leak repair.

We Fix All Kinds of Toilet Leaks

Leaky Toilet

The most common cause of a leaky toilet is probably a damaged or worn out flapper that is allowing water to slowly leak from the tank into the bowl. However, you may also be wasting water due to a malfunctioning inlet or even a crack in your toilet. In any case, you can rely on the experts at Ant Projects Plumbing Services to correctly diagnose the root cause of your leaky toilet and provide a lasting repair.

Most common reasons for leaky toilets are:

  • Clogged toilets
  • Disconnected flush handles
  • Insufficient flushing
  • Noisy or slow tank fills
  • Bowls that won’t stay full
  • Constantly running toilets

If you aren’t 100 percent satisfied with the performance of your toilet, call Ant Projects Plumbing Service right away. We can provide the repairs you need to restore worry-free performance to your bathroom. We can also assist with new toilet installation in the event of a remodeling project.