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Centurion Electricians

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Ant Projects Providing Pretoria and Centurion with Plumbing services, Electrical services and Handyman services. Ant Projects add’s value to the customers we serve by striving to deliver the best, plumbing, electrical and handyman services in the whole of Pretoria and Centurion. Call us for a free consultation | 061 026 7185

Centurion Electricians


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Ant Projects provide our clients with profesional Electrical services in Centurion , we focus our services in the Centurion and Midrand area. We provide basic electrician Centurion work and advanced electrical services to our clients. Ant Projects  are tasked to respond to requests for new installations or fixing of faulty electrical fittings.  We have considerable skills in  troubleshooting wiring problems, installing wiring in existing buildings, and making repairs. Ant projects also provides our clients with bigger wiring jobs that form part of the construcion process. Construction electricians primarily focus on larger projects, such as installing all new electrical system for an entire building, or upgrading an entire floor of an office building as part of a remodeling process. View all electrician Pretoria services

Electricians Centurion

Electricians Centurion

We cover the the whole of Centurion dealing with the local business owners and residents around Centurion. We are experienced in all areas of electrical fields commercial and residential. We supply guarantees for our work to ensure your safety is paramount and that your electricity supply remains in tack. For your added peace of mind, we can optionally on all projects issue an up to date C.O.C following any major work to you system.

A Few Reasons to Hire an Electricians Centurion

Electricity controls almost everything in any house, and any simple mistake can lead to huge problems. Hiring electrician services Centurion to help complete both large and small projects helps in avoiding potential problems while also ensuring the effective completion to any project. Small electrical tasks can also sometimes prove to be dangerous to people if they are done by anyone other than electrical contractors. The decision to not hiring an electrician can also be very expensive. There are several other reasons as to why one needs to hire an electrician.

Reasons to hire an Electrician in Centurion


Dealing with electricity can be dangerous, as well as complicated. A few slight errors can endanger the lives of a lot of people while also destroying property and equipment that lie in the closest range to it. Incorrectly completed projects might even lead to future files and injuries, excluding the possibility of immediate harm. The safety risks can be easily avoided if you hire a professional electrician.


Most people are of the belief that the hiring of an electricians in Centurion are an added expense. What they fail to get is that hiring an expert leads to consumption of lesser time, while also having the expertise to get the job done efficiently. a Contractor can help you in getting the job done efficiently and in time. Improperly completed projects may harm the electrical devices in the long run. Minor mistakes can lead to very costly problems. The added advantage to any electrician is that he comes with a warranty of getting any faults repaired at no extra cost.


Professionally trained electricians are experts in electricity, with the added advantage of experience to it. This allows them to work efficiently while also solving every problem as needed. Licensed electricians know how to use electricity throughout the building and complete the project efficiently.


In fact, licensed Centurion electricians are also efficient enough to complete the work promptly. Trial and error are not on their books, as they know exactly the roots of the problems and the most efficient means to get the job done. Professional electricians can complete tasks quickly which takes others hours to complete while leaving room for errors. It greatly adds to the effectiveness of the work done way quicker than what is required in normal times.An electrician also brings you the added advantage of security and safety

Qualities of a good electrician

Electrician services Centurion will cost a lot when you pick the wrong electrician. The amount you spend on return jobs, replacement of materials, labour, etc. can cost you more than the one you need. Let not fraud electricians fool you. Here are some of the qualities they should possess for you to entrust your home electrical repairs; and the levels where in they are capable of.


The longer the electrician is in the field, the more they are capable of providing quality electrical services. However, not all are like that; some electricians upgrade their skills and knowledge by pursuing post graduate courses and focus on special fields. That way, they are capable of troubleshooting major problems on electrical repairs.

Physical Characteristics

It is a must for all workers to be physically fit. Licensed electricians work like gymnasts as they reach and bend for their workplace. Their hand-eye coordination should be in good condition, and their balance should be great to avoid accidents. These are the things they should be careful of when they conduct electrical repairs and other electrical services.


Problem-solving is one of the most difficult parts of the job; most licensed electrician services Pretoria cannot have both deductive and inductive reasoning, which are not good in looking for solutions in electrical repairs. Another is to have excellent interpersonal communications skills for them to be able to convey information clearly and accurately to their clients.


These are the newly graduate electricians who have rigid judgments and are based on limited knowledge given by instructors.

Advanced beginner

Electrical repairs are done with a bit of experimentation in problem-solving as these electricians in Centurion are ready to try a new and improved level as to their field.


Problem-solving in this stage is wide as these electricians deviate from the normal pattern and make their improvements.


These licensed electricians do not depend on the rules and guidelines during electrical repairs. They can provide electrical services with deep understanding and impromptu solutions.


Installing and repairing electrical wires at home is a crucial job. Electricians should have certain skills and knowledge to be able to fulfill such task. Being a licensed electrician in Centurion takes years of training and studying to achieve the standard level. Electricians Centurion follow a certain list of skills and levels that promote a reputable and rewarding profession. From novice to expert, electricians take time and exert so much effort to satisfy your electrical needs.

Expert commercial electricians Centurion

We are Expert commercial electricians Centurion with many years experience in dealing with high level industrial jobs. From simply system maintenance through to full re-wiring, working on new build properties and installing main electricity, our technicians are the best you will find in Centurion. Call us today to obtain a free, no obligation quotation for your project(s) – we will be more than happy to assist and offer the best rates you will find anywhere else

Our expert Electricians Centurion can be on call when you need them the most.. Safety is always a primary goal when dealing with electricity and you should never attempt this yourself to avoid serious injury or even death. From simple fault finding, installing new appliances and fitting lights through to complete re-wires we are the only company you need to be calling. Call today on 0610267185

If your looking for the best service at the best price in Centurion the business then you have come to the right place. Our ever expanding reach into the local communities of Centurion helps us to help you with whatever issues you may be facing with your electrical appliances, electricity supply or power distribution.

Centurion is a place is a place with great commercial and residential establishments. We understand the importance of fitting electrical appliances in such structures and if you are searching for electricians in Centurion for this purpose, you can rely on us. Our experienced electricians will ensure that all floors of your building are fitted with high quality lighting, air conditioning, switches, and sockets. If the building is to be a busy retail store, we can help you to install better CCTV and security lighting also.

What does an electrician Centurion do? 

Electricians  Centurion is a trades person specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines. and related equipment. Electricians may be employed in the installation of new electrical components or the maintenance and repair of existing electrical infrastructure. Electricians may also specialize in wiring ships, airplanes, and other mobile platforms, as well as data and cable.

The dictionary generally defines an electrician as a tradesperson who installs an
d maintains electrical systems in homes, businesses, and factories. At first glance, this might sound like a simple job, but you’ll find that it’s really quite complicated when you take a closer look.

On most projects, the electrician is responsible for getting the electricity from the source to where it is needed in various parts of the building. To achieve this without endangering the public, he or she must have a good working knowledge of the relevant electric codes as well as the ability to translate the electrical systems from the blueprints into actual practice.

Without electricians Centurion , there would be no lights, telephones, computers, or televisions plugged into our walls. Electricians also repair all electric machines and work in factories fixing motors, generators, and robots. Could you imagine what life would be like without electricians insuring we have all the comforts and benefits that electricity provides?

Although most electricians learn through a formal apprenticeship, some start out by attending a technical school. Most states require licensure.

Once you find an electrician you trust, you have the peace of mind knowing that your electrical needs are in good hands.

Electricians Centurion working conditions

Working conditions for electricians Pretoria vary by specialization. Generally an electrician’s work is physically demanding such as climbing ladders and lifting tools and supplies. Occasionally an electrician must work in a cramped space or on scaffolding, and may frequently be bending, squatting or kneeling, to make connections in awkward locations. Construction electricians may spend much of their days in outdoor or semi-outdoor loud and dirty work sites. Industrial electricians may be exposed to the heat, dust, and noise of an industrial plant. Power systems electricians may be called to work in all kinds of adverse weather to make emergency repairs.

Centurion Electricians