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At Ant Projects we pride ourselves in delivering high quality work which exceeds clients expectations of our drywalling.

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Partitioning, Office and Home Drywalling in Johannesburg

As a versatile, modern addition to the world of construction, drywalling has been gaining a lot of attention and popularity over the years. Drywalling in Johannesburg is a part of the many services offered by Ant Projects, and we take on projects of all shapes and sizes. Our professional team provides expert services at affordable prices.

Ant Projects offers various other services as well. If you need a handyman in JohannesburgTLB hire or carpet cleaning, get in touch with us.  Made out of the immensely durable calcium sulphate dehydrate, a component otherwise known as gypsum, drywalling has been known by many names over the years including buster board, wallboard, plasterboard, or gypsum board. Used in the interiors of buildings, drywalling is mostly used to create new rooms or it can be used to create a partition to divide existing spaces.

Although the main use of drywalling in Johannesburg is to act as a wall, in place of the traditional brick wall, this is not the only use that it has. In modern times, drywalling has taken the place of wall plaster, becoming a far neater and more durable option for those who are not keen on trying to fix damaged plaster with new plaster. Drywalling is a lot less fuss and requires far less maintenance than the usual plaster.

Most drywalling is pretty basic; it works a partition or a cover but that is pretty much where it begins and ends. Recently, drywalling has been manufactured for use in particular industries. As a result, one can now buy fire or moisture-resistant walling.

When it comes to the installation of drywalling, it is a fairly straightforward process which is carried out in two phases. Once the wall panels are put in place, the seams are carefully covered and hidden away during the final phase of the installation. Drywalling is exceptionally heavy, so going the DIY route is not preferable but seeing that the installation is rather uncomplicated, some do try to go it alone. 

The teams at Ant Projects have spent many years installing drywalling in Johannesburg and we’ve worked on a variety of projects of all kinds. During this time we have perfected our skills and we are now capable of bringing creativity and immense expertise to each new project we work on.

Our Approach 

To help guarantee that any drywalling project we work on is a success, we take a lot of time to create a plan and we make sure that we always pay close attention to the finer details. Not only is our drywalling perfectly installed, but the final result looks neat and professional. 

We listen. What our clients have to say is very important, as each client is unique and will have their own needs and expectations. 

We inspect. Each job site is likely to be quite different from the next and so before we begin the work, we’ll inspect the site and determine how long it will take to complete the installation as well as figure out all of the finer details. 

We plan. During the planning phase, we use the knowledge we gain from our inspection and site evaluation and we create a plan of action that includes who from our team needs to be on-site, and what tools will be needed. 

We carry out the plan perfectly. From the moment we arrive on-site, we work according to our plan to get the project completed quickly and efficiently. 


Why should you work with us?

We know that we are far from the only drywalling company in Johannesburg but with our expertise and years of experience, we can safely say that we are one of the best out there. Although going the DIY way is certainly an option, it is not only time consuming and costly, but things can always go wrong. This is why calling in the professionals is often the best thing to do.

This is why you should work with us:

–       We work quickly and we are good at what we do 

Anyone can claim to work fast, but are they able to work fast and still deliver a high-quality result? We have the necessary skills and experience to install drywalls and our experience ensures that we are more than capable of handling any problems should they arise.

–       We have the right tools   

Along with having the skills, and the experience, we also have all of the right tools. We arrive with everything we need so that no time is wasted.

–       We have the experience  

Drywalling might not be all that complicated to install, but experience is still vital. We have gained plenty of useful experience over the years and this helps us to ensure that we can deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.

With our drywalling in Johannesburg, you are guaranteed a quick, seamless installation. Contact us today for a custom quotation.

Whether you are renovating your property or looking for a professional team to install drywalling in your latest property development, Ant Projects is more than capable of assisting you with professional drywalling in Johannesburg

While the main use of the drywall is to become an actual wall within a property, it does have another most welcome feature. In recent years, drywalling has taken over as an alternative to traditional plaster

Ant Projects in Johannesburg offer affordable prices on drywalling

Open the windows and make sure that the ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems are switched off.

Block all the air vents with plastic sheeting

Sweep the drywall dust into a pile with a broom

Now you can put a fan in the window and point it towards the outside

Wait for another 15 minutes and vacuum the floor.


Wet a cloth with water and then squeeze it until almost dry.

Start at the top and wipe down all of the drywall.

Drywall must be dust-free before you start painting, because dust forms a thin film that cause paint to flake from the surface

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