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We pride ourselves on being the go to company when it comes to expert drywalling. We surpass our client’s expectations and deliver a quick, high-quality service.

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Need Drywalling in Centurion?

Whether renovating your property or just looking to add a partition or an additional room, drywalling is the preferred method for doing so! Drywalling is one of the most versatile structures used in the construction industry. Ant Projects has over 10 years of experience in construction, handyman, electric, and plumbing and we can also assist you with drywalling in Centurion.

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With 7 expert teams ready and waiting to get the project done, we’ve perfected the art of installing drywalling in all types of spaces. Drywalling, which is also referred to as gypsum board, wallboard, plasterboard or buster board, is a panel which is made out of calcium sulphate dehydrate (or gypsum). They can be manufactured with or without additives and they are predominantly used as interior walls. Drywalling can be installed on its own, or it can be used as an extra layer of protection for existing walls. They blend in perfectly, making it almost impossible to tell the difference between it and a brick wall, although drywall is generally a lot thinner.

On the other hand, drywalling can be used as a wonderfully effective modern alternative to wall plaster. Should the wall plaster in a home or business suddenly begin to look flaky and starts peeling off, instead of trying to do a DIY patch up job with plaster, think drywall. This option has a far longer lifespan than your average plaster and stays looking great, with minimal effort.

Drywalling comes in a variety of shapes and there are quite a few speciality options available. Moisture and fire-resistant drywalling, as well as flexible drywalling, have become commonly used for more specific setups. The walling is generally installed in 2 phases and the process, while strenuous, is straightforward. Once the walling is up, the seams, which are a result of panels coming together, will be intricately hidden away, sealed in such a way that when they are painted, they won’t be seen.

Ant Projects offers drywalling throughout Centurion and we’ve worked on projects of all shapes and sizes. From spending days on commercial construction sites to helping homeowners create new spaces or add a new aspect to the design, our skills are versatile, creative and professional, enabling us to meet the expectations of our clients.

Our Approach 

We take great pride in all of the work we do, especially our drywalling in Centurion as we’ve seen just how bad it can look when done wrong. Our well-thought-out approach ensures a successful project. 

We listen. Regardless of what our clients’ needs are or what concerns they might have, we listen to them to guarantee that the project is completed as expected.

We inspect. Looking at the project from every angle allows us to have keen insight into each project we take on. When inspecting, we can determine just how long it will take to complete the project. 

We plan. Once we’ve spoken to our clients and approached the project from every possible angle, we get stuck into the planning. During our planning, we will decide what tools are needed as well as determine the size of the team. 

We get stuck in. When the day of the project arrives, we get stuck in, executing the plan and smoothing out any issues should they arise. 

Why should you work with us?

While there might be other drywalling companies working in the Centurion area, and even though there might be that temptation to give it a go on your own, there are numerous reasons why working with us will result in a better outcome. Instead of frustrating yourself or growing weary of empty promises, our team will give you the best possible experience.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should be working with us:

–       We work quickly and effectively 

Our goal is to work fast, without compromising on the quality of the work that we do. With our many years of experience as well as our catalogue of skills, we can do that work without making the types of mistakes that could cost time and money to fix!

–       We have the right tools 

While skills and experience are important for the success of a project, having the right tools also helps. When hiring our team, we will arrive at the project site with everything we need to successfully complete the project. The finer details of each project are also better-taken care of with the right set of tools. 

–       We have years of experience  

We’ve been in this industry for such a long time that we have perfected the work that we do. Our experience goes a long way towards ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service and that our projects are completed quickly. With our experience, we can think creatively and on our feet! This is a helpful tool when we encounter an unexpected issue.


We offer our drywalling service to clients based throughout Centurion. You can contact our team today for more information about this particular service or to get a custom quotation.

Whether you are renovating your property or looking for a professional team to install drywalling in your latest property development, Ant Projects is more than capable of assisting you with professional drywalling in Centurion

The walling is mostly used indoors, as certain types can be damaged by water. The walling can also be added as a layer onto existing walls. While the main use of the drywall is to become an actual wall within a property, it does have another most welcome feature. In recent years, drywalling has taken over as an alternative to traditional plaster

Ant Projects in Centurion offer affordable prices on dry walling

Open the windows and make sure that the ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems are switched off.

Block all the air vents with plastic sheeting

Sweep the drywall dust into a pile with a broom

Now you can put a fan in the window and point it towards the outside

Wait for another 15 minutes and vacuum the floor.

Wet a cloth with water and then squeeze it until almost dry.

Start at the top and wipe down all of the drywall.

Drywall must be dust-free before you start painting, because dust forms a thin film that cause paint to flake from the surface.


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