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Professional Carpet Cleaners in Johannesburg

Is your carpet in dire need of professional cleaning services to get out the tough stains? Our carpet cleaners in Johannesburg specialise in providing exceptional cleaning for carpets of all kinds.

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A stained carpet can create an unprofessional atmosphere, and it certainly won’t fit in with your home or office’s current décor. And some stains are not all that easy to get rid of, oftentimes, with basic cleaning, the stain simply won’t budge. Professional carpet cleaning can do so much more than lift a stubborn stain; this service is also ideal for industrial scale cleaning in environments where wall to wall carpeting has been used. When you need something more than your day to day cleaning, a professional cleaning service is your best option. You might also be interested in drywalling in Johannesburg or our carpet cleaning services in Centurion.

We have a team of highly experienced professional carpet cleaners in Johannesburg who have what it takes to clean carpets of all kinds, including those with delicate materials or those with tougher textures. We’ll leave your carpets looking brand new, and smelling just as good. Our service is available for a wide range of clients. Whether you work in a building that sees lots of foot traffic or heavy equipment, or should it be the carpet in your home that needs a little extra care, this service is for you. We work alongside our clients to ensure that the service they receive is the kind they are looking for. We meet our client’s expectations and with our transparent communication, you’ll always be kept in the loop.

Our team of carpet cleaners in Johannesburg work quickly, and with the swift service, they’ll have the carpet cleaned without your day to day business being disrupted. We use safe cleaning products which are highly effective at bringing out the best results without damaging your carpet or the environment. We pair our cleaning products with the best cleaning techniques and equipment.

With every project we undertake to do, we want our clients to be happy and receive a high quality service. With this in mind, we consult with clients and find out exactly what it is that they expect.

When do you need a carpet cleaning service?

There are a few reasons why working with a professional carpet cleaning company is the better way to go. Here are a few ways that you will benefit from a service like this:

  • We get stains. Understanding the different types of stains and how best to tackle them is the first step towards ensuring success. Our professional carpet cleaners have dealt with all the stains, and they know what works.
  • We work with less moisture. As the cleaning service makes use of professional equipment, carpets don’t get drenched. This, in turn, means your carpets won’t be susceptible to bacteria growth and they won’t have they lingering bad, wet carpet smell.
  • We sanitise. The carpet cleaning products we use not only give the carpets a proper clean, but they will also have a sanitising property that kills all germs.
  • We clean in your time. Our team can clean while you are out of the office or out of your home. This means we’re out of your way and when you come back, the carpet is clean and dried.

Why should you work with us?

We have exactly what it takes to provide the best possible service and when working with us, you’ll find that our qualities are made to benefit those who choose our company. Here are just a few reasons why you should work with us:

  • We have the right equipment  

Part of what makes our service so successful is the equipment that we bring to each job. We’ve sourced the best carpet cleaning equipment, with some being ideally used for big jobs and others for smaller projects. The equipment is gentle on the carpets and will efficiently complete the task at hand.

  • We have a schedule  

To guarantee that each project is completed on time, we stick to a strict schedule that benefits both us and our clients. Our priority is to get the carpet cleaned and to do so as quickly as possible so that we are out of our clients’ way. Together with our clients, we’ll determine a time and date that suits both parties.

  • We are experienced 

As we mentioned, our team has the experience to work on all kinds of carpets and they know exactly how to get the most out of the tools and products used. Experience is key to the success of each cleaning project we work on. Our experience also allows us to provide open and honest communication.

For more information about carpet cleaning services in Johannesburg or to get an affordable quotation, you can contact us. 

Carpet cleaning in Johannesburg, no matter the size of your home or office, or the size of your carpet, is a superb service for anyone wanting to save time and money. Ant Projects specializes in a wide variety of hands on improvement and cleaning services and we offer these to clients of all kinds throughout Gauteng.

Ant Projects is always honest and upfront with what we can do for our clients and the prices that will be involved.

Carpet cleaning, especially if you are looking at industrial cleaning, involves plenty of thought as well as the necessity of having the right equipment to ensure that the work is correctly done, with all stains and other day to day dirt efficiently removed. When you are looking at a deep cleaning job, it is important to rather leave it to the professionals. Ant Projects has a team of the best carpet cleaners in Johannesburg

First you have to remove any dust, hair and particles from the carpet with deep vacuuming. Make a paste mix of  ¼ cups of salt, ¼ cups vinegar and ¼  cups borax. Apply this to the stains and allow it to dry for several hours. When it has dried completely, vacuum it away.

For synthetic carpets you can choose between these 3 solutions:

Vinegar solution –  One cup of white vinegar mixed with two cups of water

Detergent – Mix ¼ teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent into one cup of lukewarm water.

Solvent solution – You can use an oil solvent for best results.



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